Friday, June 10th, 1 PM

Virtual production affords content creators an innovative new pipeline to produce films in studio, using LED panels, a camera tracking system, and real-time compositing using Unreal Engine. Combined with the ability to produce films entirely “in-engine,” virtual production is taking hold in the industry. This panel features women creators and their work in VP and will explore the topics of democratized storytelling, female authorship, and creative empowerment. The filmmakers will use process videos to demonstrate aspects of the VP workflow as it pertains to pre-visualization, production, and creative collaboration.


Women in Virtual Production will be curated and led by filmmaker Eva Ziemsen, a professor of film and media at Humber College. Ziemsen recently developed a collaborative curriculum between her film students and Humber’s game-programming students to produce films 'in-engine' and virtually, using Unreal Engine. The curriculum is based on her doctoral research at UBC that focused on “developing a learning model for teaching film production online.” Her goal as a creator and educator is to find ways to democratize film production. Her film Romeo & Juliette16, which screened at FeFF, was filmed in a virtual world using the method of machinima, which is foundational to virtual production. Ziemsen is passionate about supporting women directors and creatives and is determined to invite more women to explore the vast opportunities in the quickly growing pipeline of virtual production, in Canada and internationally via her new initiative,