Today, Bitcoin is more than ten years old. Despite some initial skepticism and mockery, it is currently, without a doubt, the most well-known and widely used gaming cryptocurrency in 2022.

More and more iGaming companies are figuring out how to include Bitcoin and blockchain into their offerings in the new era of DeFi (decentralized finance). Although it first introduced its crypto casino solution in 2013. The solution’s cryptocurrency payment processing technology later developed into CoinsPaid.

We will concentrate on examples of companies that use a cryptocurrency payment processor and an integrated gaming portfolio, even though there are many different types of cryptocurrency gambling and betting sites based on deposit method (integral or integrated), game portfolio (proprietary or integrated), or on-chain/off-chain gameplay.


In terms of cryptocurrency betting, 2022 will be the peak of Bitcoin betting. Bitcoin gaming accounted for around 80% of all iGaming brands. The cryptocurrency that came in second place, Ethereum, with an average market share of 10%.

It is not surprising that the percentage of online crypto gambling would rise in parallel with Bitcoin reaching its all-time high price and in a year when the crypto industry has been the subject of so much buzz.

The benefits and drawbacks of using bitcoin for gambling in 2022 (1)


In conclusion, Bitcoin is the ideal “game coin” from the player’s perspective. Bitcoin allows anonymous, quick, high-speed transactions for deposits and withdrawals that bypass a centralized banking system, which is why players adore it. The majority of Bitcoin games are also “Provably Fair.”

Bitcoin benefits owners of online businesses

iGaming operators typically value the complete transparency and control over their bankroll that come with using Bitcoin through an integrated payment processor, which is the commercial side of cryptocurrency gambling.

Operators of cryptocurrency casinos may quickly and simply top up cash to pay out winnings to players and keep track of their balances using a detailed dashboard provided by CoinsPaid.

A bitcoin casino brand benefits from quicker launch timeframes with less red tape when it comes to Casino Online Australia. Operators are also urged to research their target players and make sure they have the resources necessary to recruit them as players.


Bitcoin has several clear intrinsic advantages, but it also has drawbacks, many of which are thought to be short-lived.

Suppose you investigate Bitcoin gambling company options and attempt to educate yourself as much as possible about the safest ways to use, store, and manage your currencies. 

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