Every Kiwi has a particular place in their heart for pokies. It would be fair to argue that playing slots is almost New Zealand’s national pastime. Such is the nation’s passion for slot machines.

According to statistics, more than $850 million is wagered annually at slot machines. With such a large market, only one issue could arise: what game is the best?

Finding the perfect game after playing them all requires tough luck. You can locate some fantastic pokie games here, but your best chance is to uncover a list of the best pokie games of the year.

You can use this post to identify the finest pokies of the year from the extensive selection.

Ten pokies games to play in 2022 (1)

1. Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra.

Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra, one of the new slot games, has rapidly gotten to the operators. In this pokie, the renowned Mr. Chance travels to Egypt and engages in combat with the stunning Queen Cleopatra.

You’ll be rewarded with huge prizes if you land a combination of the same symbol five or more times on this six-reel, six-row slot machine. You can wager through this game for as little as 0.20 or as much as 100.

Watch out for the following features: Win Multiplier, Serpent’s Trail, and Free Spins

2.Robin Nottingham Raiders

One of the best slots, Robin Nottingham Raiders, will tempt you to indulge occasionally. The renowned Robin Hood and his band attempt to steal gold from the royal castle in the game.

The fact that it’s difficult to steal from the king makes this video slot machine a very unpredictable game. To win on a slot machine with five reels and four rows, you must get three, four, or five matching symbols. Per spin, you can wager anything from 0.20 and 10.

Watch for the following features: Panel Multiplier, Special Wild Collection, and Roaming Wilds.

3.Hugo Carts 

This game would be the ideal example of a pokies game about winning gold. Hugo Carts tells the story of a couple who delve into a gold mine to retrieve the precious metal.

Those who enjoy treasure hunts will find this game a fast-paced, fascinating adventure. From 0.10 to 100, the betting range is extensive.

Hugo, Hugolina, Don Croco, and Scylla are characteristics to watch out for.

4.Lava Gold

Lava Gold is one of your thrilling 55-slot games with a Jurassic-era backdrop. To win, you must match five or more symbols in this game, which has both common dinosaurs and exotic flora.

You’ll become fascinated by the artwork and animation and start playing this pokie frequently. The main benefit of this slot is how simple it is to use and how creatively the features are used. Per spin, you can wager anything from 0.25 and 3.75.

Watch out for these features: Cluster Wins and Free Spins

5. The Tome of Madness and Alice Cooper

This slot is all about crazy, as the name would suggest. It is most likely one of the best pokie games of the year because of this.

Skeletons and Alice, who is imprisoned, add to the eerie atmosphere. In this 55-grid game, if you spin the winning combination. The range of bets is between 0.10 and 100.

Watch for the following features: Hat of Madness, Reality Effects, and Alice Cooper Mega Wild.

6. Reef Raider 

Reef Raider is a very appealing pokie from 2022 that will please your eyes. A giant pirate crab and coral reefs can be found in the underwater realm of the game, which is a treasure hunt.

Your coin total will climb quickly when you play this 7-by-7 slot machine well. For this slot machine, your bet level ranges from 0.20 to 100.

Watch out for these features: Avalanche, Multiplier, and Treasure Trail

7. Mount Magmas 

For those who are up for a challenging game incorporating volcanoes, Mount Magmas is a pokie. This game contains the magnetic components you’re looking for, with superb visuals and an intriguing soundtrack.

This 55 spin is highly volatile and is only suitable for people with steel hearts. You have a range of 0.20 to 100 stakes. But your odds of hitting the jackpot increase with your bet size.

Features to watch out for: Mega Jackpot, Magma Spin, and Volcano Bonus

8. Agent of Hearts 

You are on a quest to discover the Queen’s heart’s keys in this position. On the same mission, you will be paired with four other agents. You will receive spins every time you spot a key and attempt to open the heart, brightening your day.

Seven reels and a cluster win method are used in Agent of Hearts. The standard betting range is between 0.20 and 100 for each spin.

Watch for the following features: Queen’s Heart Bonus, Mad Hat, Grinning Cat, and Cupcake Splat.

9. Purge the Bank.

Empty the Bank will be one of your favorite slots if you like the Money Heist theme. You can hit it big with this slot, which features outstanding graphics and exhilarating gameplay.

The betting range for this five-reel action game is 0.20 to 100 for each spin. However, if you play in Bonus Bet mode, you can increase your stake to 125.

Empty the Bank Respin, Wild Spin, and Scatter Symbol are features to watch out for.

10. Coin Bash 

If you want a cute slot machine to play in your free time, Coin Bash is the one to choose. All across your screen are piggy banks and coins.

You can place a wager and play your game for between 0.20 and 50 for each spin. You can recover your stake if three scatter symbols appear on the same reel. However, getting spreads between 4 and 9 will enable you to earn money quickly.

Watch out for the following features: Bonus Wheel, Scatter Symbols, and Scatter Jackpots.

Slots Online 

What to anticipate from the slots in 2022

The game developers are preparing for their next generation of pokies in 2022 after a spectacular year of new slots. The latest HTML 5 technology will be available in pokies the following year, making these games more mobile-friendly.

High-end 3D visuals will be available on the new NZ pokies, improving your gaming experience. Additionally, you may anticipate particular themes and glitzy features to enhance the excitement and fun of playing pokies. So keep an eye out for an exciting 2022 full of new slots! Casino Online Australia

To sum up

New Zealanders have discovered their love for pokies as the online gaming sector rapidly expands. But it can be challenging to pick a good pokie because so many game manufacturers regularly release new titles.

Finding slots that match your favorite themes, have many features, and are affordable is a wise move.

With this knowledge, you will undoubtedly discover the best pokie games of the year, which will gratify your gaming experience.

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