2017 Honorary MAVERICK, VALERIE CREIGHTON, President and CEO of the Canada Media Fund

Date & Time: Friday, June 23, 4PM–5:30PM

Open to the public and industry guests, FREE

Location: Beach United Church, The Great Hall, 140 Wineva Ave. (Beaches east)



Valerie’s Best in the Biz Tribute, part of a signature series at FeFF that features an intimate conversation with our honorary guest:

Valerie Creighton is an industry leader in arts, culture, and media, recognized for reenergizing some of the country’s most important organizations in the sector over the last 30 years. An expert in organizational change, Valerie has been recognized as a visionary in promoting Canada’s cultural wealth.

Currently serving as President and CEO of the Canada Media Fund, Valerie positions Canadian programming at the forefront in world markets advocating successful, innovative Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms. Valerie has taken part in foreign trade missions and been recognized with numerous awards nationally and from her home province of Saskatchewan, where she owns and operates the Red Horse Ranch.

Valerie Creighton, présidente et chef de la direction

Cumulant plus de 30 années d’expérience dans le domaine des arts, de la culture et des médias, Valerie Creighton est un chef de file de l’industrie qui a su redynamiser plusieurs des plus importants organismes du pays dans le secteur. Mme Creighton est une experte en changement organisationnel : elle a été reconnue en tant que visionnaire dans la promotion de la richesse culturelle du Canada.

Actuellement présidente et chef de la direction du Fonds des médias du Canada, elle a guidé la programmation canadienne pour l’amener à l’avant-scène de l’innovation sur les marchés internationaux, tout en défendant avec force les applications logicielles et le contenu canadiens innovateurs à succès destinés aux plateformes numériques actuelles et émergentes. Mme Creighton a participé à diverses missions commerciales à l’étranger et remporté de nombreux prix à l’échelle nationale et dans sa province d’origine, la Saskatchewan, où elle possède et exploite le ranch Red Horse.


Moderated by Judy Gladstone

Judy Gladstone is the Executive Director of the Documentary Organization of Canada. Her previous experience in the media industry includes serving as Executive Director of Bravo!FACT and MaxFACT (Foundations to Assist Canadian Talent) from 1997 to 2012.


Judy is a proud supporter of the Canadian film industry and has commissioned works that have been acknowledged as excellent and ground-breaking at film festivals (including Cannes, Berlin, and TIFF), and at industry events (Emmys, Banff Rockie Awards, Mobile World Congress), and the Academy Awards.


Her international experience includes running a CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) program in the Middle East, and serving as Cultural Attaché at the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv.


Judy's current volunteer work in the non-profit sector includes serving as Chair of Square Circle and Treasurer of Tangled Art + Disability.