Location: Beach United Church, The Great Hall, 140 Wineva Ave. (Beaches east)

Date & Time: Saturday, June 24, 4PM–5:30PM 

Open to the public and industry guests, FREE

Ann Marie’s Best in the Biz Tribute, part of a signature series at FeFF that features intimate conversations with an honorary guest:


Ann Marie Fleming is a Eurasian-Canadian filmmaker, animator, and writer. Internationally acclaimed for her genre-spanning work in the media arts, Ann Marie is being celebrated at the 15th Annual Female Eye Festival as our 2017 Honorary Director. We are delighted to present two of her features at the festival: her multiple-award-winning animated Window Horses and The French Guy, which won Best Canadian Feature at FeFF in 2010. 


Born in Okinawa, with a blend of Chinese and Australian parentage, Ann Marie’s work often deals with family, history, and memory and is deeply concerned with acknowledging experiences – violations and violences – in a way that is oddly humorous and affecting. From her first feature (New Shoes: based on a true story about an attempted murder-suicide, it was invited to the Berlinale and the Museum of Modern Art) to her latest (Window Horses: an animated trip to a poetry festival in Iran, where her stick-girl heroine, Rosie Ming, finds out about her father, it has been winning awards around the world), Ann Marie deals with relationships and communication across boundaries, always searching for understanding. Her experimental film You Take Care Now was selected for Canada’s Top 150 list, and her animated documentary The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam was adapted into a graphic novel that won the Doug Wright Best Book Award for Canadian Cartooning.


All her work is provocative, intense, and often delivered in a way that you don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Moderated by Carol Whiteman, President  & CEO Creative Women Workshops Association, WIDC Program