Welcome, all, to the 15th Annual Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF). It is hard to believe 15 years have passed since we presented the inaugural festival, in which we featured 42 films over three days, including the premiere of my own debut short. This year I am very honoured to be presenting my debut feature documentary at FeFF. I suspect it’s taken me this many years to complete largely because of The Female Eye!

What is even more unbelievable is that FeFF is still standing, given the fluctuations of the economy and the destabilization of governments globally, along with systemic prejudice against femme-centric organizations that advocate for women. Shocking that this is still prevalent in today’s society.

That said, this year we celebrate so many talented independent women media artists, screenwriters (of both sexes), and industry guests. With many new filmmakers in attendance, alongside the familiar faces of those whose work we have shown in previous years, I feel blessed and inspired to have the pleasure of knowing you and sharing your work.

I speak for The Female Eye as a whole when I say we are very proud to have served you and your work. Through our festival and outreach initiatives we will continue to represent the female perspective until gender bias is eradicated, and for as long as our stories are being told through cinema.

Thank you to the sponsors, volunteers, team members, and Board for your continued perseverance and faith as we move forward, together.


Leslie-Ann Coles, FeFF Founder and Executive Director