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Thursday, June 22nd

9:30PM – 11:00PM




Beautiful Dead Things, directed by Renee Faia and Ingela Ogard. Beautiful Dead Things is a powerful exploration of how we process grief. Whimsical yet poignant in its approach, the film employs non-linear storytelling, jumping instead between loosely connected memories and fantasies, in the same way our own subconscious minds seek closure around loss, while revealing moments of meaning and beauty. Ultimately, it is a story about the smallest of life’s details and the profound impact they can have on our ability to let go. (WP, 2016, Comedy, 15 min., Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Werewolf, directed by Ashley Mckenzie. Blaise and Nessa are outcast methadone users in their small town. Each day they push a rusty lawnmower door-to-door begging to cut grass. Nessa plots an escape, while Blaise lingers closer to collapse. Tethered to one another, their getaway dreams are kept on a suffocatingly short leash. (2016, Drama, 78 min., Cape Breton Island, NS, Canada)

Best Canadian film at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, winner of three awards at the Atlantic Film Festival, and part of TIFF’s Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival.

Total run time: 93 min. Audience Q & A with filmmakers. Hosted by Elizabeth Lazebnik.