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Thursday, June 22nd

4:00PM – 6:00PM


The Milliner, directed by Meagan Cignoli. The Milliner is a playful exploration of the history of hats and design, chronicling the evolution of millinery and the considerations of modern hat makers as they reinterpret the form. (WP, 2016, Experimental/Animation, 5 min. 9 sec., New York, NY, USA)

Mallory Memphis, directed by Paige K. Boudreau. Mallory Memphis is a childhood urban legend come to life. It explores themes of beliefs and peer pressure told by an unreliable narrator. (TP, 2016, Dramedy, 2 min. 53 sec., Calgary, AB, Canada)

Denial, directed by Claudia Hébert. Sara won’t stop calling a man who does not pick up the phone. (OP, 2016, Drama, 12 min. 40 sec., Toronto/Montreal, Canada)

Cannonball, directed by Katherine Barrell. On the eve of her 30th birthday, Marley wakes up to find her past is still present. (WP, 2016, Drama, 10 min. 7 sec., Burlinton, ON, Canada)

Temporary, directed by Milena Govich. A compassionate veterinarian works as an in-home euthanasia specialist for dying pets, but when he’s called to the house of an eccentric pet owner, she challenges the ideals of his chosen profession. (CP, 2016, Drama, 12 min. 18 sec., Norman, OK, USA)

The Final Show, directed by Dana Nachman. A woman who has lived a long life full of love and loss has to decide, based on all that she has learned, who to take along to eternity. (WP, 2016, Comedy, 9 min. 20 sec., Los Altos, CA, USA)

Chokecherry, directed by Sandi Barrett. Chokecherry follows three young sisters through pertinent moments over the course of one summer as the eldest crosses the threshold from the unrestrained recklessness of childhood to the often-painful self-awareness of young adulthood. (CP, 2016, Drama, 12 min., Calgary, AB, Canada)

The Ravens, directed by Jennifer Perrott. When young Ruby’s father returns unexpectedly from war, his volatile state makes it difficult for the family to reconnect. Ruby’s anxieties are projected onto a pair of ravens, vigilantly defending their nearby nest, who become a catalyst for the troubled family’s journey from crisis to healing. (WP, 2016, Drama, 22 min. 7 sec., Australia)

Total run time: 86 min. Audience Q & A with filmmakers. Hosted by Naomi McCormack.