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Thursday, June 22nd

11:00AM – 1:00PM


Ingrid and the Black Hole,  directed by Leah Johnson. Two children experience a lifetime together when they imagine what it would be like to travel through a black hole. (2016, 6 min., 30 sec., Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada) 


Screened in 20 festivals since it's 2016 premiere at Cannes Not Short on Talent and Fantasia Film Festival. It won Best Canadian Short at the Edmonton International Film Festival and Silver Wave Film Festival. In Vancouver Island Film Festival winner, Best Director, Screenplay, Editing, Technical.



Sisterhood, directed by Tracy Choi. Sisterhood charts an emotionally complex journey into one woman’s past. As a young woman in 1990s Macau, innocent Sei is taken under the wing of street-wise Ling, who gets her a job at a massage parlour and takes her into her home. When Ling gets pregnant, they decide to raise the baby together. But when neighbours start to gossip about the nature of their relationship, the tension between them builds until they part bitterly, all against the backdrop of Macau’s handover to China. Twenty years later, now living in Taiwan, Sei learns that Ling has died and returns to her home city, which has transformed from a quiet backwater into a neon metropolis. In reconnecting with the boy, Lok Lok, now a handsome 18-year-old, she puts together the pieces of her relationship with Ling and learns the truth about the end of their relationship. (WP, Drama, 1 hr. 37 min., Hong Kong)


Total run time: 1 hr., 37 min. Audience Q & A with filmmakers. Hosted by Stella Pascall.