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Friday, June 23rd




Mightier Than the Sword, directed by Roberta Staley. In Afghanistan, a vibrant, free, and independent media — nurtured under NATO occupation — has created a battleground for female journalists fighting to overcome the culture of silence and invisibility imposed upon women during years of Taliban and mujahideen rule. (WP, 2016, Documentary, 46 min. 28 sec., Vancouver, BC, Canada)


Cree Code Talker, directed by Alexandra Lazarowich. Cree Code Talker reveals the role of Charles “Checker” Tomkins during the Second World War. Digging deep into the US archives, it depicts the true story of Tomkins’ involvement with the US Air Force and the development of the code talkers’ communication system, which was used to transmit crucial military communications, using the Cree language as a vital secret weapon in combat. (OP, 2016, Documentary, 10 min., Edmonton, AB, Canada)


Lana Gets Her Talk, directed by Beth Wishart MacKenzie. Cree artist Lana Whiskeyjack is observed as she works to complete a mixed-media sculpture of a tortured face, the face of her uncle. Lana calls the piece Losing My Talk. This brief study allows viewers to come to some understanding of the trauma experienced by Canada’s Indigenous people in the residential school system, the system’s lasting effect on the children of survivors, and one woman’s journey to recover what was lost: dignity, identity, and voice. A story of resilience, Lana’s journey speaks of the power of Indigenous “ways of being” in our time. (OP, 2017, Documentary, 37 min. 8 sec., Edmonton, AB, Canada)


Total run time: 94 min. Q & A with filmmakers. Hosted by Rebeka Budrys.