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F O R E I G N   D O C U M E N T A R Y

Program Host, Leslie Ann Coles, FeFF Founder, Executive & Artistic Director

A Moon For My Father

directed by Mania Akbari

Mania Akbari collaborates with British sculptor Douglas White to coin a tender fusion of language, where a meeting of cinema and sculpture investigates the processes of physical and psychological destruction and renewal. Begun a matter of weeks after first meeting, the film charts a deepening artistic and personal relationship exploring the nature of skin, family, death, water, desire and, throughout, a powerful will to form. Akbari looks into the connection between her body and the political history of Iran, investigating the relationship between her own physical traumas and the collective political memory of her birthplace. Remembrance and re-construction provide a course, as she undergoes various surgeries on a body decimated by cancer. Her body’s history engages in a conversation of how bodies are traumatised, censored and politicized, and yet ultimately remain a site of possibility. (OP, 75:00, 2019, Iran/ United Kingdom).

Total running time: 74 minutes. Audience Q&A with filmmakers follows screening.



Program Host, Naomi McCormack, Programmer & Media Artist


directed by Florence Sobieski

Trying to find some energy, Agnes sits in a park when she becomes an accidental bystander of domestic abuse. Fury mounts in her, as she witnesses a person subjected to coercion and violence but does not know how to overcome her own physical powerlessness. (CP, Drama, 5:00, 2018, France/ Canada).

Paris Was A Woman

directed by Desi Ivanova

Eleanor, an aspiring poetess, encounters the infamous writer and salon hostess, Natalie Barney in the heart of literary Paris. Amongst the hushed countryside, the moonlight, and all Sapphic delights Eleanor not only discovers her true sexuality, but also her unimaginable possibilities as a female writer, a woman with a voice, at the dawn of the 20th century. (WP, Drama, 21:00, 2019, Canada/ Italy).



Turkish Mesir Macunu

directed by Sibel Guvenc

On the first night of an arranged marriage in a small Turkish town, a young bride wants nothing more than to go to Istanbul — that is, as soon as she can show virgin blood on a bed sheet to the aunts waiting impatiently in front of the bedroom. All this seems easy enough, but there’s one problem... the groom (CP, Dark Comedy, 17:00, 2019, Canada).

Surrounded By Water

directed by Rhonda Buckley

Joan Morrissey, a singer from a young age born in 1933 in St. John's, went on to perform in Toronto, married and raised six children while playing in bars at night and recording four albums. When other mothers said she was a ‘loose’ woman performing in nightclubs, Joan said, “to hell with what others have to say, you must always do what’s right for you.” (TP, Drama, 20:11, 2019, Canada).


directed by Bonnie Foster

A fashion model leaves her life for the desert...and meets a mysterious stranger who finally brings the change she's been looking for. (WP, Drama, 23: 41, 2019, USA).

Total running time:  87 minutes. Audience Q&A with filmmakers follows screening.




Program Host, Edie Steiner, Programmer and Media Artist

In Between (Sur Un Seui)

directed by Marie-Josee Archambault

Based on audio recorded stories, In between is an animated documentary exploring the invisible aspects of birth.  From the interior, we access an intimate experience through sensations and emotions as voices bring together the body and the soul, opening the door of a possible world. (TP, Animated Documentary, 6:50, 2019, Canada).

Gone with the River

directed by Juan Lang

 A mysterious story happened in a Chinese town. The story is told in a metaphorical expression to present the life experience of a rural girl named Fang Fang. The story involves traditional Chinese folk culture, mysterious dreams, and releasing souls from purgatory. (NAP, Drama, 2019, 26:56, China).


directed by Natalie Bruijns

 When Dana sees a small dot of light flickering in her uterus in black and white on the ultrasound screen, she has to face facts. She is pregnant. Dana decides to end the pregnancy. On the day of her abortion, Dana meets women who each have different ways to deal with their treatment. One is anxious, the other self-assured.  Dana does things differently. She wants to study the picture of her embryo. She wants to utter the words "mother" on the day of her abortion. She wants to hear the voice of the partner, whom she's lying to. She wants to experience everything. It is the only way she will be able to get through this day. (CP, 2019, Drama, 21:00, The Netherlands).

The Cut (La Coupure)

directed by Chloé Cinq-Mars

Emma had a c-section. She didn’t see her son when he was born. When she finally meets him, she doesn't recognize her baby. How could she? Little by little, mother and child fall in love. The Cut delicately explores the complexity of the bond between mother and child.  (OP, Drama, 17:48, 2019, Canada).

Total running time:  72 minutes. Audience Q&A with filmmakers follows screening.

H U M A N   R I G H T S  &  G E N D E R   E Q U A L I T Y

Program Host, Tushar Unadkat,  FeFF Board/Programmer, and Media/ PR  Director

Winner of Peace

directed by Marisa Kelly

Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa stepped into the public eye a few years ago after competing on Australia's Got Talent with some original poems speaking on the racism she's faced in Australia.This did not come without criticism, however, and not from the people she expected. Uncertainty in her place in her own community arose, but she is able to find a place of comfort on her own. (CP, documentary, 12:16, 2018, Australia/ USA).

Digital Warriors - Women Changing the World

directed by Bettina Kolb

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media can drive social change or even spark revolutions. Women around the world are using the Internet as a weapon in their struggle for equal rights. They are fighting against the murder of women in Latin America, female genital mutilation in Africa, compulsory headscarves in Iran and for peace between India and Pakistan. Filmed in Argentina, Guinea, India, United States (CP, Documentary, 53:00, 2018, Germany).

Total running time: 66 minutes. Audience Q&A with filmmakers follows screening.


C L O S I NG  G A L A  F E A T U R E, T A P E

written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier


directed by Annika Birgel

A young actress' audition quickly spirals out of control, turning into an intimate and manipulative interrogation. How far must she go to get the role? 023_GRETA_S is a disquieting drama about the abuse of power in the film industry. (CP, Drama, 12:00, 2019, Germany).


directed by Deborah Kampmeier

 Making its Canadian premiere at FeFF, Tape is the story of an aspiring actress (Isabelle Fuhrman) who crosses paths with the darker side of the entertainment industry. Based on true events and set in New York City, Tape takes a deeper look at some of the most common and harder-to-define sexual experiences women face while navigating their careers. (CP, Drama, 01:42:01, 2019, USA)

Joining Deborah for an audience Q&A following the screening are actors Isabelle Fuhrman, Annarosa Mudd, and Tarek Bishara.  Moderated by Christine Argyris, FeFF Board and  Tushar Unadkat, FeFF Board and Media/ PR Director.


VIP Closing Reception  to follow.

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