Air completes the quartet of elemental themes the FeFF Photography Exhibition has previously presented, following Water, Fire, and Earth. The ancient Greek philosopher Anaximenes (mid-6th century BCE) thought that all life was, at base, created from air. The other elements were considered part of air’s cyclical change, in which variations in the density of air results in the creation of the other elements. Fire, which he understood as “thinned air,” creates air, air turns to wind, wind to cloud, cloud as condensed air turns to water, and when further condensed, water then turns to earth and stone. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes Anaximenes’s Doctrine of Air as “Natural forces constantly act on the air and transform it into other materials, which come together to form the organized world.” Anaximenes associated air with breath, and therefore the life force, which he believed gave air divine attributes.


His ideas follow the philosopher Thales, who thought that everything was made of water, and Anaximander, who thought all four elements work in combination. 


In this exhibition, diverse creative interpretations of the Air theme have been welcomed to reflect a variety of meanings and occurrences related to air, through breath, spirit, air pollution, wind, quantum occurrences, and beyond.


Group exhibition, curated by Elaine Brodie and Inger Whist. Produced in association with Beach Photo Club, John Wallace, in partnership with the Beach United Church.



Photo Exhibit & Reception

Thursday, June 22, 6:30PM–8PM

FILM PROGRAM to follow, 8PM–9PM

Beach United Church, 140 Wineva Avenue