3rd ANNUAL LIVE PITCH - Open to the  public, industry & festival delegates

2016 WINNER: Live Pitch:  Melanie Jones, “Switchback” (Thriller (BC, Canada), made possible with the support of TriBro Studio  and Cinespace Inc.



LOCATION: Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen Street East

Congratulations to all the writers!

(ONT) Labour Day - Jeanie Calleja - Comedy

Control-freak and determined-loner Kit Suggs is in labour with a baby who refuses to come out when an errant doula convinces her to waddle free from the hospital to get her emotional house in order. First stop - informing the father…

(ONT) 4th of July - Erin Cardiff - Drama

The story is based on real events - a real-life murder case, with four bodies found deep in the woods of New Hampshire. A case that took 15 years to uncover, and has gone unsolved since.

(ONT) Myra and Susan - Precious Chong - Comedy/Drama/Adventure/Music

When Myra, the longtime housekeeper of Susan, kidnaps her wealthy and demanding boss-lady, they end up on the run in Mexico being chased by her drug-dealing ex-husband and kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord who dreams of being a superstar

(BC) Wrecked - CC Knox (Drama)

Lindy has finally found happiness with her wife and three young daughters, when a tragic accident rips them apart. Lindy is left to pick up the pieces and fight to keep her family together.


(BC) The Trade - Sheila Warren - Investigative drama/International

A high speed chase in Northern Thailand instigates a deadly search by a battle-weary rescue agent and her team to find a jungle trafficking camp. Can the girl who escaped it help them rescue hundreds of others and take down the corrupt officials who protect it?


(NFD) The Colours of Almazz - Martine Blue - Drama/fantasy

A post-apocalyptic adventure drama following a gang of former sex slaves with disabilities, who must fight to survive and stay free in a harsh, climate-changed world.


(BC) Unidentified Minor - Shannon Welsh - Drama/Family/Religion/Dance

Unlikely friends Joni and Amber find strength in each other to combat their troubled home lives. Amber, a Jehovah's Witness with secret talents as a dancer, finds in Joni a way out of her confining life. Joni thinks she can save them both, and find the love she needs, but it is far more complicated than she thinks. As tensions mount, each girl must confront the limits to their friendship, as things being to go horribly wrong.


(U.S) The Best Version of You - Shannon Meehan and Mark Ward - Sci Fi 

A malfunctioning android struggles to appease her abusive owner before he scraps her for an upgrade. When an enigmatic newer model arrives to treat her, she must confront her trauma or become obsolete.


(U.S) Taking Down the Met - Andrea Forrest Brock - Historical drama/romance

A Rembrandt masterpiece, the Portrait of Gerard de Lairesse – forged by its owner, looted by the Nazis, and hidden away for more than half a century – is given life by a widowed art authenticator. She uses technical skill, moral courage, and the help of its 17th-century subject to overcome the art world’s arrogance, return a priceless treasure to its rightful owners, and again find true love.

(ICELAND) The Quaking - Tinna Hrafnsdottir - Drama

After being hit by a fierce epileptic seizure, 40-year-old Saga’s life changes forever. Long-forgotten memories from her childhood start to come back, forcing her to face a disturbing truth about her past, her present and herself as a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother.

Jury Members:

Peter Apostolopoulos, President, TriBros. Studios

Powys Dewhurst, Business Development, Urban Post  

John Bain, President, Search Engine Films

Caitlin Carmody, Development Coordinator, Don Carmody Productions

Kim Haladay, Partner, Business Development, Propagation Media

Meghan Armstrong, COO, AIC Studios

William Scoular, Stage Director, Writer and Filmmaker


Cinespace Film Studios

With over two million square feet of studio and support space on almost 100 acres in both Toronto and Chicago, Cinespace is North America's largest private owner, operator, and developer of studio space. Cinespace is proud to support The Female Eye Film Festival for a third consecutive year.

TriBro Studios 

TriBro Studios is Toronto’s newest film studio, with over 100,000 square feet of production space perfectly situated in Toronto, and plans for a second location, which will be home to four purpose-built soundstages providing over 270,000 sqare feet at the Durham Live entertainment complex in Pickering, Ontario. In June 2015, TriBro Studios launched a ground-breaking and trailblazing incentive program to cut fees in half for productions helmed by women to encourage the hiring of women in leading creative positions. TriBro is proud to support this year’s Female Eye Film Festival.