FeFF Chair Statement

Greetings, all!


It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to the 16th Female Eye Film Festival. It is hard to believe that the “little festival that could” is still here – stronger, bigger, and, more importantly, more relevant than ever!


With that said, I must acknowledge the women behind the #MeToo movement for their courage, honesty, and bravery in bringing to light the abuse of power that has been going on for far too long in our industry. This movement has seen the toppling of moguls who until now thought they were untouchable and invincible. I applaud the survivors who have come forward and shared their stories.


The Female Eye has been at the forefront of this movement for the past 16 years, bringing to light the struggle of our global sisters, empowering them, and giving them a voice and platform with which to tell their stories. I am proud to be a part of this festival, which continues to show films that are “always honest, not always pretty.”


Speaking for the Female Eye team, I want to acknowledge and thank the filmmakers, our sponsors, our board members, funders, community partners, our incredible team of program officers, coordinators, volunteers, and interns who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the festival.


And last, but by no means least, I want to thank our dauntless, fearless leader – founder and executive director Leslie Ann Coles, for having the vision, courage, and gumption to start this festival so many years ago.


We hope you enjoy the 16th Annual Female Eye Film Festival.


Yours truly,


Angela Argento

FeFF Chair