(Closed door session, by invitation only)

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, June 21, 3PM–5PM

LOCATION: Juice + Java Café and Catering, 2102 Queen St. E.

Good To Go is an industry meet-and-greet at which writers with theatrical screenplays at an advanced stage meet with local producers, financiers, directors, literary agents, and distributors. The event is by invitation only. Writers are pre-selected based on the merit of their screenplays as well as other eligibility criteria. The program is facilitated by FeFF Script Development Officers Lindsey Connell and Monica Lee Bellais.



Unidentified Minor, by Shannon Walsh. Unlikely friends Joni and Amber find strength in each other to combat their troubled home lives. Amber, a Jehovah's Witness with secret talents as a dancer, finds in Joni a way out of her confining life. Joni thinks she can save them both, and find the love she needs, but it is far more complicated than she thinks, with dire consequences. (Drama, Canada)


The Trade, by Sheila Warren. In Thailand, a social worker committed to rescuing and rehabilitating sex-trafficking victims comes up against an internationally funded human trafficking organization with deadly consequences. (Drama/Action, Canada)


Dirty Dishes, by Virginia Abramovich. Dirty Dishes is a bittersweet comedy that unfolds over a Russian/Canadian dinner party. Nadia, the host, has big hopes for this celebration, but she’s not the only one with alternate plans and aspirations. The many courses of this meal are as complex as the family and friends who gather around the table. With the progression of the meal, unexpected guests arrive, secrets are revealed, and true desires are uncovered. It’s not easy being the perfect host when your world starts to crumble around you. The conflict between expectation, obligation, desire, and fate is served from a bubbling pot of overflowing contradictions. What you fear the most may be your greatest liberation, if it doesn’t consume you first.  (Family Comedy/Drama, Toronto, ON, Canada)


Taking Down the Met, written by Andrea Forrest. A Rembrandt masterpiece, the Portrait of Gerard de Lairesse – forged by its owner, looted by the Nazis, and hidden away for more than half a century – is given life by a widowed art authenticator. She uses technical skill, moral courage, and the help of its 17th-century subject to overcome the art world’s arrogance, return a priceless treasure to its rightful owners, and again find true love. (Drama/Historical Drama/Romance, St. Albans, VT, USA)


Myra and Susan, written by Precious Chong. When Myra, the longtime housekeeper of Susan, kidnaps her wealthy and demanding boss lady, Susan, they end up on the run in Mexico being chased by her drug-dealing ex-husband and kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord who dreams of being a superstar. (Comedy/Drama/Thriller/Music, Toronto, ON, Canada)


Take Me In, written by Michelle Cutler. Rock 'n' roll wild-child siblings Juliet and Julian are famous for raw, passionate performances, but Julian’s OD leaves Juliet near suicidal. She quits the life to get clean until one of the band’s songs has an unexpected comeback, and everything Juliet has salvaged threatens to fall apart again. (Drama/Romance/Music, Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Ballads in Passing, by Geraldine Carr. Ballads in Passing is the story of terminally ill Elizabeth Baird, 68, an award-winning chef and restaurateur, and Cassie Andrews, 18, an emerging blues-folk singer/songwriter. When Elizabeth, quite by accident, hears Cassie sing at an open stage, Elizabeth is profoundly moved by Cassie’s voice – so much so that Elizabeth decides to hire Cassie to sing her through her passing. But can one really plan one’s dying days? It’s a story of friendship and acceptance, of new beginnings and inevitable endings. (Drama, Edmonton, AB, Canada)


Quartermoon in a Ten-Cent Town, written by Mark Daniels. A dramedy with quirks, both funny and tragic, this story is about Darva Sue Grubb, an unassuming teacher’s aide who experiences an unexpected fling with a quack doctor. The affair sets in motion a chain of events that disrupts the small town of Woodbine and changes her life forever. (Drama/Comedy, Corbin, Kentucky, USA)

The Best Version of You, written by Mark Ward and Shannon Meehan. A malfunctioning android struggles to appease her abusive owner before he scraps her for an upgrade. When an enigmatic newer model arrives to treat her, she must confront her trauma or become obsolete. (Drama/Thriller/Science Fiction, Forked River, NJ, USA)

Industry Guests: 

Byron A. Martin, Producer, Byron A. Martin Productions Inc.

Susan Curran, United Front Entertainment

David Miller, A71 Entertainment Group

Rick Skyler, Producer

Jessica Martins, HERO Artists Agency (Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal)

Robin Kino Smith, President KinoSmith

Sally Karam, Film & Television Producer

Nathalie Younglai, Urban Post

John Vincent Lombardi, VP, Development Quadrant Pictures

Facilitated by Lindsey Connell and Monica Lee Bellais

Supported by the OMDC Industry Initiatives Program.