Welcome, everyone, to The Female Eye Film Festival’s 15th anniversary!

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our festival delegates, sponsors, local industry members, and community partners.

This year FeFF is very excited to present films from Ireland, France, South Korea, Thailand, the UK, South Africa, Lebanon, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Japan, Iran, Germany, and from across Canada and the United States.

In addition to producing the annual film festival, The Female Eye creates community outreach programs. We are very proud to announce that The Female Eye is the recipient of the Creative Engagement Fund to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment in Ontario, with the film-making project My Life, My Community, My Ontario. Produced in partnership with White Pines Collegiate and Vocational School in Sault Ste. Marie, the project involves Aboriginal female youth from four reserves in the community. The Female Eye has long recognized that art changes attitudes, and this project will be disseminated province-wide once complete, in our attempt to challenge rape culture and to help eradicate the misogyny that perpetuates sexual assault.

I am also pleased to announce that, due to growth in submissions, The Female Eye will be extended to a 10-day festival in 2018.

In closing, I would like to thank our fearless leader, Leslie-Ann Coles, Founder and Executive Director, for her vision, foresight, and perseverance, and for shining a light on women directors around the globe and creating a space that, although dedicated to women filmmakers, does not exclude men from our Script Development Program and other industry events. 


Thank you to our board members, funders, community partners, the FeFF team, and our selfless volunteers, without whom we could not produce this festival.


We hope you all enjoy the 15th Annual Female Eye Film Festival!


Angela Argento, FeFF Chair