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Tuesday, June 20th

1:30PM – 3:30PM


Monster, directed by Montana Hall. A girl walks home at night and comes face-to-face with the monsters lurking in the darkness. (CP, 2016, Animation, 4 min. 47 sec., Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Maybe If It Were a Nice Room, directed by Alicia Harris. An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms. (WP, 2016, Experimental, 1 min. 30 sec., Toronto, Canada)

Golden Boys, directed by Jill Riley. A failure-to-launch and his two successful buddies break into their old private school to recapture their adolescence but are soon haunted by troubling memories. (2016, Drama, 8 min. 15 sec., Toronto, Canada)

Liv, directed by Anna Rollot. On a night out clubbing, a confident young woman encounters a stranger who triggers memories of hidden trauma. As her night turns to nightmare she has a choice: to run away from her past or to finally confront it. (CP, 2016, Drama, 9 min. 27 sec., UK)

Then, directed by Sonja Isabella. Being a teenager isn’t easy. Especially for Timmy, in small-town Virginia, who just so happens to be in a relationship with Ricky, the town’s high school baseball hero. Timmy loves Ricky, but he’s not sure how much longer he can last in this town. He wants to leave, but not without Ricky. When a sudden turn of events forces Timmy and Ricky to decide between embracing love or fulfilling expectations, two young men make fateful decisions that will change the course of their lives. (CP, 2016, Drama, 17 min. 43 sec., USA)

Escaping Agra, directed by Pallavi Somusetty. After being held against their will in India when their gender and sexual orientation is discovered, Naveen Bhat, who uses the gender-neutral pronouns they/them, battles their parents in court and pieces their life back together. (OP, 2016, LGBTQ Documentary, 23 min. 3 sec., Oakland, CA, USA)

Take a Walk on the Wild Side, directed by Lisa Rideout. Opening the doors to Toronto’s oldest cross-dressing store, Rideout gives viewers a glimpse into the colourful lives of its customers and their tender relationships with the eccentric storeowner, revealing how the store continues to play a vital role for Toronto’s cross-dressing community. (2017, LGBTQ Documentary, 15 min., Toronto, Canada)


Total run time: 76 min., 65 sec. Audience Q & A with filmmakers. Hosted by Stella Pascall.