for the

fifth Annual Live Pitch


Saturday, November 9, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

TIFF Bell Lightbox ( NBC Studio )

Writers pitch to a live general audience, festival delegates, industry guests and official jury members. The winner takes home a $2,500 cash prize presented by the Female Eye, sponsored by Cinespace Film Studios, Whizbang Films and TriBro Studios.


Hosted by Leslie Ann Coles, Founder, Artistic and Executive Director, Female Eye and Liz Best.


She Comes for You, by Janet Rose Nguyen

Logline: After the death of her youngest daughter, Anita must reconcile with her eldest, Jenny, to overcome a vengeful ghost who followed her after her escape from the Vietnam War. (Drama, Canada)


Eyes of Dreams, by Sibel Guvenc

Logline: In the intertwined world of reality and dreams, a troubled clairvoyant tries to cope with his unique gift and reconnect with his estranged wife, but death becomes an ever-present part of his life when a new love interest tries to change his plans. (Psychological Thriller/Drama, Canada)


Stalker Friends, by Andrea Holz                                                                                     

Logline: The story of what happens when two stalkers fall in love while stalking other people.  (Comedy, Canada)


Sideshow Bandit, by Marie Wilson

Logline: A mummified corpse found hanging in a funhouse ride is discovered to be an unfortunate train robber who died 65 years earlier. Based on a true story, these are the misadventures of Elmer McCurdy, circa 1911. (Drama, Canada)


Rat King, by Nida Vohra

Logline: A woman takes pity on an injured rat, who manipulates her into committing a series of crimes. (Horror, USA)


Faustus in Hollywood, by Malú Huacuja del Toro

Logline:  Feminist sci-fi tragic satire, based on Marlowe’s Faustus and a little bit of El Chapo’s crimes, only this time taking women into consideration. (Sci-Fi, Mexico) 


Slum Angel, by Julia Barnett

Logline: Angel, a young girl living in an impoverished Ugandan community, inherits supernatural powers after her mother dies. Along with her best friend, Abdul, a quick-witted street boy, she uses her powers to help neighbours in need and solve mysteries. (TV Series, Family Drama, USA) 


Otherwise Intelligent Women, by Barbara Bedont

Logline: For a gifted over-achiever, Lucy does some incredibly stupid things! (Comedy, Canada)


The Prize, by Suzanne Lacey

Logline: In a raucous, US-Canada border town, nestled amongst two prisons, a psychiatric hospital and a university, a young factory worker searches for happiness in the summer of 1975, after the death of her father. Her prospects are underwhelming until an alluring meter man appears on her doorstep. (Comedy, Canada)


Norma Bailey

Director, Directors’ Guild of Canada

Dr. Mary Bunch

Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema & Media Arts York University’s Faculty of Arts, Media, Performance & Design

Katarina Gligorijevic

Producer & Writer

Katy Siracusa

Artist, Wardrobe & Costume Designer

Jinder Chalmers

Writer, Producer

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